Basic tips to play roulette online

Learning to play the game Roulette is quite a simple process. The only thing a player needs to know is the available bets on the table and the way the player should be placing them. The game is about spinning the ball and guessing in which corner or section the ball eventually will end. It is the game of chances which has its origins in Las Vegas. The game is known for its dynamic nature regarded to the numbers of players in the game. The thrill of seeing the ball start spinning is amazing.

At Roulette, the player places a bet by choosing a chip associated with a specific number or colour. In some games, a specific colour is equal to a certain amount of money. The complexity and dynamism of the game increases due to the huge amount of betting options and also the number of players in this game.

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Roulette, one of the most popular games at the casino and even the most well-known casino game. The game is regularly featured in both TV and movies. However, there are a lot of people who have never played roulette before and, for that reason, do not have a full understanding of the rules. This article has some nice and handy tips for beginners and offers some advice for both the online games as well as the land based casinos.

Start playing roulette

Before a player starts playing for real money it is wise to practice the game first, so do not invest money in the beginning. There are many sites on the web who offer online casino players this opportunity. In some cases, people are not even allowed to register themselves. The US friendly Bovada is a great example, with games available in demo mode. Having gained a feel for the game this way, players will be more prepared when they start playing for real money.

If playing at a land based casino for the first time, it can be something of a daunting experience, as there is a lot to take in, so it might be an idea to watch the game for a while before playing. Players will quickly gain an understand when they should be betting, what the chips are worth and how they will actually place a variety of bets.

Basic rules

Within the game of roulette there are some varieties of games and rules. The two most popular roulette games are European Roulette and American Roulette. There is one major difference between these two. European wheels feature just one zero (0), while the American wheels feature two zeros (0, 00). This actually means that the house edge when playing American Roulette is larger than when playing at a European wheel – the house will earn 5.26% as opposed to 2.70%. This is why we would advise always playing at a European game.

When a player wants to play roulette he has to consider his strategy. Players who are looking for a bigger win for a small stake will enjoy betting at longer odds. Single numbers would be a popular choice where they will gain odds of 35/1 when hitting that number. Players could also place a split bet covering two numbers which offers odds of 17/1. Betting a street or a corner will also pay at good odds. For those who want more chance of winning on every spin, even money bets might be the ideal way to go. Players could bet on red or black, odd or even or 1-18 or 19-36. They will win just under half the time. Other bets which win more regularly are columns or 1-12, 13-24 and 25-36 which pay out at odds of 2/1.

Some players will get drawn into thinking that the odds are in their favour at a roulette table when they are actually not. For example, you might think that if a roulette ball lands in red on six consecutive occasions, that it is suddenly more likely that the next spin will see the ball land in black. The fact is that previous spins have no influence whatsoever on the next spin. Every spin of the roulette wheel is truly independent. One famous instance of this took place in 1913 in Monte Carlo. The ball fell in black on 26 consecutive occasions and gamblers lost millions of francs by betting against black, figuring that the probability was now a long sequence of red results.

The last tip we can provide to future roulette players is; ‘’don’t play more than you can afford’’. This should go without mentioning it, but it seems to be a pitfall for a lot of roulette players. If a player wants to make sure he or she plays responsible he or she can use the ‘’responsible gaming’ options. This service will limited a players deposit amount per day, week or month. Players who think they are at risk by gambling betting more than they can afford should definitely use this option.

Basic tips to start roulette

Some real good tips for having a good start at this dynamic game and how to play proper Roulette are listed below.

• Choose the Roulette table with a minimum number of bets placed. This reduces the complexity and also improves the chances of winning.
• Verify all the possible tables before starting a turn on a specific table. Every table will consist of an indication of maximum and minimum bets that can be placed on a particular table. A player should educate him- or herself with all the rules of the game usually found at the surface of the table.
• Place bets on the chips for the numbers you will select, after which the table attendant starts spinning the metal ball .place all the bets before the metal ball starts spinning.
• Cash the chips once the game is over and be careful with the rules as Roulette is quite different from other games of chances.

Various systems will help a player in winning a fortune. All that he needs is learning and working on his or her strategy which they cannot learn overnight no matter how hard they try to. First of all start spending time with people who have spent almost their lives in the casino playing and learning the tricks of this game. Many of them will offer tips which innumerable systems online. However customers have to beware of the ones which are going to mislead them and choose something that helps improving their chances to play and cuts down on losses. Be extremely cautious while choosing a system because they may either end up losing everything or winning a fortune.

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