What is the tax on roulette games?

Taxes on winnings from roulette can vary by country and sometimes even by region within a country. It is important to know the local laws and understand how they apply to you. Here are some general principles:

Tax in North America

  • United States: Federal and sometimes state taxes on gaming winnings, up to 37% at the federal level.
  • Canada: No tax on winnings unless you are a professional gambler. Europe:
  • United Kingdom: No tax on winnings for the player, but casinos pay a point of consumption tax of 21%.
  • Netherlands: 30.1% tax on prizes above €449.
  • Germany: No tax on winnings for the recreational player.
  • Monaco: No personal tax on winnings, but casinos pay high licence fees and taxes.

Asia and gambling tax

  • Macau: No tax on winnings for the player, but casinos pay 35% to the government.
  • Singapore: Casinos pay tax, but there is no tax on individual winner.

Australia & Oceania:

  • Australia: No tax on player winnings, but several states and territories tax casino operators.
  • New Zealand: No tax on winnings for non-professional players.

South America:

  • Brazil: There is a 30% tax on lottery winnings, but regulation around casinos is not yet well defined.
  • Argentina: Taxes vary by province, sometimes up to 41%.

Africa tax free

  • South Africa: Winnings from gambling are basically tax-free, unless you are considered a professional player.
  • Kenia: High taxes on gaming companies, but individual winnings are usually tax-free.

United States

In the U.S., all gambling winnings must be reported to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Winning amounts above certain thresholds are subject to federal income tax. In addition, state taxes may also apply.

United Kingdom

In the UK, gambling winnings are generally tax-free for the player. However, the casino itself pays a “Point of Consumption” tax.

Other European Countries
In many European countries, gambling winnings are tax-free, but there are exceptions. For example, in Germany, where winnings from legal gambling sources are tax-free, but winnings from unregulated sources may be taxed.


In Belgium, casino winnings are not taxed, but winnings from betting and online gambling are taxable.


In the Netherlands, gambling winnings are taxed. You have to pay 30.1% gaming tax on the amount won. This applies to both online and offline games. The tax is usually withheld by the casino itself if it is a Dutch casino.

Online Casinos

If you play online and the casino is located in another country, complex tax rules may apply. In some cases, you have to file your own aa