Angelika System

The Angelika system is invented to use at the roulette game by the German woman called Angelika Tepperwein. The strategy which has been developed by this woman is mainly produced to increase the chance of winning at the game of roulette. The bets will be made more rationally than usual and therefore will add a new dimension into the winning chances of live or even online roulette. The system is quite simple because of the wager unity and the logic. In the ’60 Angelika really shocked casinos with her system and managed to win a lot of money.

How to use the Angelika System?

The use of the Angelika system is really easy. The player needs to determine a starting wagerings amount and needs to raise of drop this amount with a certain number. To make the idea clear, there is an example of the system below; For example, a player starts to wager an amount of $10,- and a wagerings unity of $1,-. This means that this player will wager a total amount of $10,- at the roulette table. The player needs to use the single chances such as red/black, odd/even or the first 18/last 18. The chance of winning with this strategy at this point will be 50% which makes the system really attractive to play. When a player does win the first spin he or she needs to drop the next bet with $1,-. When this spin resulted in a loss the player needs to raise the initial bet to conquer the loss. The standard rule of the system is that a player plays at 3 single bets which provides the player the chance to make good money real quick.

variant of the d’Alembert system

The Angelika System is a variant of the d’Alembert system. After a loss, a player will increase his or hers bet which will give the player the opportunity to fix the loses which were made earlier. When making a profit, the player needs to take a step back to keep a nice profit out of the gamble. The System is played at one table at a time. When a complete serie is lost, it is wise to try your luck at another table and make a double wager in comparisson tot he previous table. When this second option is succesfull a player wil win back its complete losses.

Free test

Players now can use the Angelika system for free by using the free test games. Just like any other roulette system the Angelika system will provide roulette players a bigger chance of winning a nice amount of money in the game of roulette. The players certainly need to keep in mind that this system will increase the chance of winning, but that this is not a guaranteed winning formula. The Angelika System is invented by Angelika Tepperwein. She managed to be really successful in the roulette game and beat the house. Angelika Tepperwein was a women from Germany who succeed to beat the house in the ’60.

Practic Angelika on roulette table

People who would like to test the Angelika system should really try it by visiting the online casino and start playing at the roulette tables. When practicing at the roulette tables using the system peolpe can make clear to themselves wether they like the system or not. When this system is not the cup of tea of a certain player, he or she can try some other system which may suit the player way better.

The system is at its best when playing roulette. The bet needs to be made on Black/white, Odd/even or above 18/under 18. When this is done, the player decides the amount of money he or she would like to play wit hand which wagerings unity will be used. For axample; a player starts to make a bet of $5,- and he wins, he than needs to drop its next bet to $4,50. When the bet of $4,50 will end up in a loss the player needs to wager $5,- and so on. By betting on the odd/even, black/white and under 18/above 18 the player will have a winning chance of 50%.

Just like the Angelika system, there are a lot of different systems which will make it interesting for a player to start playing the game of roulette and having a bigger chance of winning a certain amount of money. Some other systems are the Ascot system or the d’Alembert system which are pretty similar tot he Angelika system. The priciples of this system also are made by using a wagering unity and lowering the initial stake when a profit is made and make the wager higher when a lost has been made.

At first, people can try some of the systems at the online casino free games and figure out which system suits them the best. When a player is fully confident about a system hor she she wants to choose he can go tot he online casino and start playing the roulette game for real.

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