Strategy of the columns

The table of Roulette knows several different ways of making a bet. There is an option of choosing several numbers. Choosing the numbers 1-18 to bet on will give the player a double return of its stake but there is also an opportunity to choose one of the three columns on the table. The amount of money a person will win fully depends on the place a bet is made. For example; a single number bet will generate a much higher win than a bet made on colour. When a player heads for a wining chance of 1 to 3, he or she shall choose from one of the three columns with the numbers 1-12 or 13-24 or 25-36. The pay-out of these bets is 2:1 which means that a player can make an amount of 15 Euro with a 5 Euro stake.

How does the strategy columns work?

This brings us to the strategy of the columns. This is not a difficult strategy to use while playing the game of roulette. The purpose of the strategy is betting each column. The player starts betting a small amount on the first column. After that, the player doubles this amount and makes a bet on the second column. The third column has a stake which is four times the amount of the first column. The aim is to double the bet each time you lose, so when a win is made the player will play even. This strategy does not require a lot of thinking but a lot of money.

Different columns which you can choose at American roulette
Different columns which you can choose at American roulette

Example; If you decide to start with a bet of € 5 , you will use it, according to the system of the columns, the first column ( 1 t / m 12) on the table. If you lose you will bet 10 euros on the second column on the table. Lost again than quadruple your first amount and put 20 euros in the third column on the table. In a fourth loss the player will have to make a 40 euro bet to recoup the loss. If you now make a profit then you will start over from the original bet amount of 5 euros and use the system again from the column where you left off .