Pivot strategy

One of the oldest roulette systems is the Pivot Strategy. This strategy is very often used by gamblers around the world and is therefore pretty reliable. The system is, just like any other roulette system or strategy, made for making a good chance of winning and getting a good profit. This system is really easy to use and has no chance of failure.

Before playing with the Pivot strategy it is wise to know how it works. For getting to know the strategy, people can practice the strategy in an online free casino. There are a lot of online casinos which offer free roulette games to let players practice first. This is because they know the players will return playing for real money when they like the game. Playing the game with the Pivot strategy is not that hard so why not?

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How works the Pivot strategy

So what is the goal of the Pivot System? At first, the strategy believes in 24 different numbers in a row of 36. The Pivot system says that there is quite a variation of numbers in a row of 36 numbers. The player has to take a close look at the table and needs to pick a number which has fallen twice already. When the player has done this he or she has to bet a maximum of 36 times on this number. Doesn’t the number fall within 36 times, the player should really choose another pivot. It’s wise to note every single number that is drawn so the player can make a bet on another number when there is no result after 36 efforts. The profit of the game will be higher the quicker the chosen number falls.

For the more experienced players there is also an opportunity to double their winning chances. These players can also pick a second number to their pivot and double their winning chances or even making a third or fourth pivot. This strategy can provide players a nice win once they pay real good attention to the roulette table. The players have to keep in mind the way they are going to play and the amount of money they want to spent and win. Once a player has this in mind he or she will have a great time at the casino and has quite a decent chance of winning something at the roulette wheel.