La Partage rule or prison rule

The ‘La Partage’ rule is an interesting part of Roulette. A successful player knows almost everything about Roulette. They’re aware of the strategies and rules that are being used during this amazing game. One of the most interesting rules is ‘la partage’. Perhaps you’ve never heard of it before. It’s interesting to delve into this rule and how the game of Poker flows. What does the ‘La Partage’ rule means?

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What means the La Partage rule?

Almost all traditional and online casinos offer a traditional Poker game. Yet, not all of them use the ‘La Partage’ rule during the game. However, the number of casinos using the rule is growing fast. This rule is now also implemented in online roulette. So you need to know something about ‘La Partage’ in case you’re confronted with it.

Result is 50/50 outcome

The casino uses the ‘La Partage’ rule when you make a bet with a 50/50 outcome. This means odd or even or black or white. So ‘La Partage’ applies when the roulette balls falls on 0 or 00. You will lose 50 % of your bet when you’ve placed 50/50 bets and the ball falls on 0 or 00. You’ll get the other half of your money back, while the game continues.

The advantage of ‘La Partage’
‘La Partage’ doesn’t mean you lose all your money. So this rule is actually an advantage, because otherwise you’ve would have lost all your money. Instead, all players get 50 % of their bet returned. Perhaps one of the casinos you’re playing already uses ‘La Partage’. It’s definitely interesting to play with it sometimes.