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What do you need to know before you start playing with roulette bonuses?

Before you start playing roulette, you must understand the bonus terms and conditions of the bonus. If you are not familiar with the bonus terms and conditions, you may be disappointed when it comes time to withdraw your winnings.

Bonus terms and conditions determine the difference between an excellent bonus and a mediocre bonus.

Wagering Requirements

You always have to wager the value of your bonus multiple times before you can withdraw any bonus winnings. Casino wagering requirements are usually 35 to 70 times the bonus. For example, if you claim a $10 no deposit bonus with a wagering requirement of 70x ($10 bonus x 70x wagering requirement = $700), you would need to wager $700 to convert the bonus into real money.

game weight

When playing roulette with bonuses, usually only 5% to 30% of each bet counts towards your wagering requirements. These percentages can vary from casino to casino, so you’ll have to compare them. You can always find betting percentages in the casino’s terms and conditions.

profit limit

Roulette bonuses have win limits that limit how much you can withdraw. Win limits can vary widely, so you should compare them carefully before cashing out your winnings.

Deposit bonuses for roulette

Some online casinos offer a 100 to 200% match of a first deposit as a live roulette bonus but being carefull is required. Players may need to enter a promotional code or accept the bonus in a popup window in order to claim it. Although the online roulette bonus will be credited immediately, it may not show up in the account until a player has met several requirements. For example, players may need to place their first bet or spend a certain percentage of their own money before the bonus clears. This is so people can’t make a deposit, claim the 100-200% bonus and cash out immediately.

If you try a BTC casino the bonus will me much higher als normal. Sometimes about 5 bitcoin, amazing!

Bonus restrictions
How do casinos avoid going bankrupt if they’re providing a bonus every time someone signs up? Let’s explain. The small print for any online roulette bonus will generally dictate that people have to wager a certain amount multiplied by their deposit and the bonus amount. Say, for example, a player deposits $100 and receive a $100 bonus, he or she will have to wager $200 multiplied by a certain figure that will often fall somewhere between 15 and 30 before the player can claim it. This means until the player has wagered $3,000, he or she won’t be able to withdraw his or hers online roulette bonus.

Because of things like varying house edges, roulette and other games don’t always count towards the full value of that figure mentioned above. In the case of roulette, the rate is often around the 25% mark. That means a player will need to wager four times as much. So, we’re talking about betting $12,000 to clear a live roulette bonus.

What is reload bonus?

A reload bonus is an offer available to existing players designed to build customer loyalty by encouraging them to make extra deposits rather than moving to a different site, which may be offering an attractive deposit bonus. As with deposit bonuses, there will generally be some fine print to negotiate before a player can claim the live roulette bonus.

Will some bonus cost a player money?

Well, that depends on how good a player is. There are all sorts of methods designed not just to minimize losses but to allow to cash out online roulette bonus without losing a penny! Of course, these methods aren’t an exact science or in any way guaranteed. If they were, everyone would be using them!

It’s better to look at a live roulette bonus as just that. Get on a hot streak and players might just have the luck and discipline to withdraw the bonus as ‘free money’, but for the rest of us it’s best looked at as just some extra money to gamble with.