Roulette guide

Roulette is a popular casino game known worldwide. The game consists of a spinning disc with numbered slots, where players place bets on the slot where they think the ball will eventually land.

In general, opinions of roulette can vary from country to country depending on culture, personal experiences and attitudes toward gambling.. However, it remains a popular game that attracts people around the world because of its mix of excitement, entertainment and possibility of winning.

Friends playing roulette table at the casino.

At roulette casino we inform visitors about this popular game in the form of a roulette guide and stories, we have no further interest in any casino or desire to encourage gambling.

Why do people play and love roulette gambling?

Many people consider roulette to be a fun and exciting form of entertainment. The spinning of the wheel and the unpredictability of where the ball will land provide excitement and adrenaline. So the entertainment does stand as the main reason for playing it. Furthermore, those surveyed indicated the following:

Game of chance: Roulette is often seen as a game of chance in which luck plays a major role. Some people enjoy the unpredictability and excitement of the game, while others consider it a pure game of luck.

Strategies: There are also players who believe in using strategies and systems to increase their odds. Although the wheel is random, various strategies, such as the Martingale system or the Fibonacci system, have been developed that players try to apply to improve their chances of winning.

Social interaction: For some people, roulette is not only a game, but also an opportunity to socialize. Casinos often have a cozy atmosphere around the roulette tables, where players can talk to each other and share the excitement of the game.

Risk and addiction: While roulette is an enjoyable activity for many, there are also those who warn of the risks of gambling. For some individuals, roulette and other forms of gambling can lead to addiction and financial problems. It is important to gamble responsibly! and set limits

What roulette variants exist?

Online casinos usually offer versions of all three most famous games. Below we explain their differences in more detail, along with their advantages and disadvantages. So you can see that the difference is small, but very important.

European Roulette

European roulette is the most popular version of roulette. It has only one zero, but no la partage rules. Therefore, the chances of winning are moderate. You can find this game at almost every online casino. This is the game version you are most likely to win. The wheels in European Roulette have 37 different numbers.The boxes with the numbers 1 through 36 are alternately colored red and black. There is also a green zero on the wheel. Casinos take advantage of this number. So that’s one in 37.

American roulette

The American version of roulette is less popular at online casinos. In fact, the house advantage is double that of this game variant. The wheel to play has 38 different numbers. Two of them are green zeros (a 0 and a double 00). The payout, however, remains the same. American roulette is the most common in land-based casinos. The rules are simple. It has both single and double zeros. RTP is the lowest of all this games

French roulette

The odds of winning in French Roulette are the same as in European Roulette. Thus, the wheels are exactly the same. The main difference in French Roulette is the playing field where you bet. It has a slightly different layout, with some French terms written on the playing field. However, one has the same betting options as any other variant. advice for the game variants with best odds

Never choose the American version. This version of the game has an extra 0 on the wheel, which adds to the house advantage. Players have nothing to do with it. Therefore, always avoid this version. French and European Roulette are almost the same. The main difference is the language used on the playing field. If possible, choose La Partage. La Partage lowers the house advantage by returning half of the bet 50/50 to the player when the ball lands on 0.

What game variations will there be in 2023?

Different roulette playing systems have been devised over the years. This is to keep the game attractive and keep up with the times.

Mini Roulette: A simplified version with only 13 slots: 1-12 and a single zero. The house edge can vary, but is generally higher than other variants.

Multi-Wheel: Multiple wheels spin simultaneously, meaning you can bet on more than one wheel at a time.

Double Ball Roulette: As the name suggests, two balls are used instead of one, offering new betting options and payouts.

Lightning: A modern variant where random numbers are multiplied for higher payouts, usually available in live casinos online.

No Zero Roulette: A variant without the zero, which eliminates the house edge. However, the payouts are usually adjusted to compensate for this.

Spingo: A combination of bingo and roulette, often offered online.

Triple Bonus Spin: Contains an extra-wide bonus slot and offers additional betting options and bonus rounds.

Age of the Gods: A themed variant with progressive jackpots, often found in online casinos.

Speed game: Designed to play faster, with shorter periods between spins.

Quantum Roulette: Similar to Lightning Roulette, but with extra multipliers on certain numbers.

Pinball: An arcade-style variant where the ball passes through a pinball layout before falling into a number.

Auto Roulette: Usually found in live casinos, where the wheel spins automatically, increasing the pace of play.

Immersive: A live roulette variant with multiple camera angles and slow-motion replays to create an immersive experience.

California Roulette: instead of a wheel, cards are used to determine the outcome, mainly due to gambling laws in California.

European Progressive Roulette: A progressive jackpot that grows as more people bet.

Royale Roulette: A variant with a progressive jackpot that can be won with a series of consecutive wins on a particular number.

Each variant has its own specific rules and it is important to know them before you play. Choosing the right variant can also affect your chances of winning, so it’s good to consider your options.

What are the official roulette rules?

Official roulette rules may very depending on the particular type of roulette being played. In general, however, there are some basic elements and rules that apply to most forms of roulette. Here are the main rules of the game:

Purpose of the game ruleta

The purpose of roulette is to predict which number or set of numbers the ball will land on after the wheel is turned. Players can place different types of bets. The two main categories are inside betting and outside betting. Inside bets include bets on single numbers or small groups of numbers, while outside bets are bets on larger groups of numbers, such as red/black, even/odd, high/low, and columns. Check our whitepaper for the odds


Payouts vary by bet type. The smaller the chance of winning, the higher the potential payout. For example, betting on a single number (the inside bet) has a lower chance of winning but usually pays 35 to 1, while betting on red or black (the outside bet) has a higher chance of winning but usually pays 1 to 1. Spin the wheel and ball The dealer spins the wheel in one direction and rolls the ball around the wheel in the opposite direction. The ball will eventually land in one of the numbered slots on the roulette wheel.

Win or lose betting

After the ball comes to rest, the box that the ball falls into will determine the winner or loser. The dealer collects losing bets and pays winning bets. It is important to note that there are different variations of roulette such as European and American. Although the basic rules are similar, the presence of the extra 00 in American Roulette affects the odds and odds.

What are the roulette systems?

Roulette systems are popular methods of playing this tablegame. some people use these systems to play through a system. These are the most well-known strategies in 2023 listed below.

Fibonacci numbers

When you lose a roulette spin, you add up the two bets previously made. If you win the spin, you advance two Fibonacci numbers in the sequence. By betting on a single number, One Hit Wonder is the easiest strategy to use. Before playing 36 rounds, always bet on a specific number.

D’Alembert roulette strategies

D’Alembert strategies are also popular because of their notoriety. The most famous strategy is d’Alembert’s. If you lose a bet, you place another credit on the roulette board. Conversely, if you win, you place one less credit on the board. You can bet on the simple options, such as black/red or even just odd or even numbers.

Martingale system

A Martingale system is a betting scheme that uses increasing bets to undo lost bets. One of the most well-known is the Martingale system, which is also one of the easiest to use. This system uses simple bets that incorporate odds, just like other roulette systems. This game starts with a bet of 1 chip, which we will assume for this example. We always bet on the color red, although in this case the ball fell on black. This game uses a process called “starting with the minimum deposit,” which determines which colors to choose first.

After winning, a new chip must be added. Then the game continues and another new red chip is placed. To win the game, place your bet immediately; do not split your bet into two halves. Instead, continue with 1 chip at a time.

Tarsoj le systems

Tarsoj le systems are composed of new plans. In the Tarsoy roulette system, your bet is increased when you win or lose. You choose between red/black or even/even as your playing option. For example, start with 3 betting chips. If you lose a spin, take up to 4 chips for another loss. Continue this pattern until you win or lose again. When playing Roulette via Tarsoj, you should bet only 1 chip on the next spin if you lose. However, if you win again, you can bet 2 chips.

Flieger roulette

Flieger roulette is a combination of the Martingale and d’Alembert systems. It was originally devised by civil servant Ingrid Flieger from the Netherlands. Flieger strategy is more complicated than other systems because there is no set formula – it is a mix of different methods.

La Bouchere sytem

The Labouchere system for classifying living things is based on their different appearances. The roulette system created by Henry Labouchere has 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 as odds. It is absolutely necessary to decide in advance which prizes you want to win when using this system. Labouchere used these numbers thanks to his creation of the Labouchere system. Regardless of the order, numbers are crossed out and replaced with new numbers when a winner is declared.

Parlay and Paroli system

Paroli and Parlay are two roulette systems that are very similar. Both are progressive, with odds of 50/50 for each spin. After a winning spin, players can spin again; this time their bet is doubled. However, if the player spins a losing round, no more bets are accepted.

Fibonacci and Whittaker system

The Fibonacci and Whittaker system was devised by Charles Whittaker in 1870. The Fibonacci sequence is common in nature. The name refers to the fact that each number in the sequence is a duplication of the two numbers preceding it. Fans of roulette use the Fibonacci or Whittaker system. Both systems use bets based on single numbers, such as betting on red or black.

The first step is to choose a number to bet on. This system requires mental calculations to begin with. As a new player, this system may not be for you. The sequence we used for our example starts with a bet of 2 chips. Also check other strategies in 2023 like oscars grind system.

FAQ about the roulettegame

How much money do you make with roulette?

When betting one roulette number, players get 36 times their bet back. This is because the wheels have 37 different numbers – from 0 to 36. To determine the potential prize winner, the odds are not 1 in 36, but 1 in 37. Each participant earns €1 of their own money, with another €35 in winnings.

What are the odds of winning at roulette?

American and French roulette have the same chance of winning; it is 47 percent. However, if you choose American game instead of French, you have a 48.5 percent chance of winning in a tie. This means that up to 35 times your bet can be won by choosing American! Playing at a table with 37 numbers: 0 to 36 results in an average payout percentage of 98.65%. The tables pay out 97.3% of bets on number odds, making it one of the highest percentages among gambling games.

What does a croupier say as a greeting at  a table?

The person who shoots the ball into the spinning wheel is called a bouleur. If someone says “rien ne va plus” or “nothing can be done,” no more bets can be made.

What is the most effective way to play?

Tips for playing smarter roulette also appear in other articles. Never play this game with a zero on both the numbers and the position. Instead, play single or double zero.  Keep in mind the rules of the game. Play on the table that suits you best when participating in an online game. Consider the fallacy of ball memory as inadvisable. Determine your budget in advance. Take your winnings on schedule.

Zero is the best known number

Your payout for betting on zero is the same as for any other number; 35 times your bet. That means you won if you bet directly on zero, or you lost if you bet on a column or dozen.