Win a lot of money with no zero Roulette

The so-called ‘zero’ or ‘zeroes’ are an essential part of the Roulette wheel. What’s more, the winning odds are partly based on them. This is clearly shown by the difference between the winning chances of American and European Roulette. You have a bigger chance to win at the European version because of the fact that is has one space fewer. Statistically, this leads to a lower house edge.

Win a lot of money with no zero Roulette

There are several great online casinos where you can experience these ‘straight odds’. Try this alternate version of Roulette at ‘Ruby Fortune’ or ‘Spin Palace’ online casino for example. These places are recommendations of experienced Roulette players. They also like to visit ‘Gaming Club’, ‘Jackpot City’ and ‘Royal Vegas’. Definitely enough casinos to choose from! This is not the only reason why no-zero Roulette attracts a lot of players. Another good reason is that the combination of a zero percent house edge and a winning streak could lead to a lot of money. You just need to do the maths and have a lot of luck! However, the number of online casinos that offer this no-zero version of Roulette are limited. What’s more, you cannot even play it at land-based casinos.

The difference winning chances of ‘no zero’ and standard Roulette

Even though you can be in a winning streak, the bad news is that every player loses a standard game of Roulette at the end. Why? Imagine that you’re at the Roulette table and place a wager on red. A look at the statistics make clear that the odds of the ball ending up at red are a little less than advantage. If you take the house edge in the wager, this means that in the long run you will always lose out during a Roulette game. However, the situation is a little different with no zero Roulette. It actually means that if you place a bet on the red colour you have a 50 percent chance of winning. So you will break even at a certain moment, even though it can take a while. Sounds great doesn’t it?

More profitable for players
No zero Roulette is much more profitable for players. This is also the reason why no zero Roulette isn’t part of many land-based and online casinos. It simply doesn’t protect the interests of the casinos. They’re afraid that they lose too much money. However, thanks to certain rules their will ne be ‘ruined’ and drained of all its cash. You can try of course, but that will never happen! This is why some casinos do take the risk and offer no zero Roulette. Great news, but the limits on your maximum bet size can be very high though.

‘Risk of ruin’ rule zero

Besides the maximum bet size, the casinos use the so called ‘risk of ruin’. It is an interesting game. Imagine that you’re playing against someone else at the Roulette table. During the game no one has an edge over the other. The reason is quite simple. Imagine that you’re flipping a coin. You choose the tails s and the other heads. You’re betting on the outcome with 50/50 odds. This means that you have to pay the other person 1 euro when the coin comes up heads. However, if the coin comes up tails the loser has to be 1 euro the other player. It’s clear that no one has an edge over the other. Perhaps you still want to know what ‘risk of ruin’ means. This has to do with the money. If you have more money than your opponent, it means that he or she will be out of money long before you. Imagine that you play with 150 euros and the other one with 100 euros, for example. You will probably win in the end. It’s one of the reasons why you should definitely try no zero Roulette!

American or European Roulette: what works better for you?
You should try the American and European Roulette to experience the difference between them. Look at the winning chances when you wager on a single number. At American Roulette the odds are 38-1, while at European Roulette this is 37-1. All because of the fact that there’s no 00 spot! A calculation makes it even more clear why European Roulette is better than his American brother. It has a house edge of 2,63 percent, way lower than the 5.26 percent of the American version. The higher winning chances makes it definitely worth it to try no zero roulette. The biggest advantage is a lower house edge. What’s more, no zero or double-zero slot drops the house advantage is 0,0 percent! Professional Roulette players have a name for this, namely ‘true’ or ‘straight odds’.