What makes Lightning Roulette so exciting?

The well-known software developer Evolution Gaming recently introduced a new version of Roulette called ‘Lightning Roulette’. Since March 2018 you can enjoy this spectacular game with higher pay-outs and five Lucky Numbers to win even more money. In 2023, 5 years later we could see a big jump op popularity for lightning roulette in casinos now.

Where to play Lightning?

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Review: 4/5 stars for bcgame

Rules and playing Lightning Roulette

The game starts as usual with players placing bets on various numbers and betting options. After the betting round is over, the wheel spins and balls are dropped into the wheel. Before the winning numbers are determined, the Multiplier Phase begins. At this stage, some random numbers are chosen and given a multiplier.


In Lightning Roulette, a random multiplier is applied to some of the winning numbers before the ball spins. These multipliers can vary, such as 50x, 100x, 200x or even higher.


With the extra numbers of Lightning Roulette come extra-payouts, which makes this game different than traditional Roulette. These extra pay-outs are paid because the plain and straight pay-outs are lowered. The other pay-outs are the same as with European Roulette. Perhaps you don’t want to place a plain bet.

Example of lightning roulette
Wheel of lightning at this table game

This is fine if you don’t necessarily play for the money. Lightning Roulette is also great when you just want to have some fun. The Art Deco décor and graphics make the game worth playing as well. It even has an extra advantage: you don’t have to deal with the higher house edge of the casino. This is because of the fact the higher house edge only applies for a plain or straight bet.

Multiplier Phase:

Winning Number: Once the winning number is determined, the ball will move to that number. If a player bets on a winning number and that number has a multiplier, the player will receive the normal payout multiplied by the specified multiplier.

One of the greatest things about online casinos is the wide variety of games. New versions of traditional casino games like Roulette often emerge on gambling websites. Lightning Roulette is good example of that. It makes playing a live casino even more exciting. New and exciting casino games are often created by Evolution Gaming. It’s the market leader when it comes to casino games. By constantly providing casino games, it will keep the number one spot in the casino industry.

Reviews of lightning players

There have been some complaints about online casinos in the last couple of years. Some players think that they don’t have a fun atmosphere in comparison to land-based casinos. This makes sense, because there aren’t people around. Some players also complain about the graphics of casino games. They think this can be much better, and Evolution Gaming agrees. This is why they’re working very hard to improve the atmosphere of online casinos and to provide casino games with HD-quality.

Amazing graphics
The strategy of Evolution Gaming is proving to be successful, because the Evolution Gaming products Dream Catcher and Lightning Roulette are known for their amazing graphics. For example, the live casinos created by Evolution Gaming have an Art Deco décor. The colors of Lightning Strikes are a pleasure to look at, and so are the sound effect. The gameplay is great and of course it’s incredibly exciting to have a chance on multiplying your bet 500 times!

Multiply your winning bet
Many online players calculate their winning odds before they start playing. A good idea, because a game with low wining odds isn’t worth playing obviously. The winning odds make Lightning Roulette absolutely interesting. It has five extra ‘Lucky Numbers’ than standard Roulette doesn’t have. With these numbers you can get multipliers of at least 50 times your bet. It’s even possible to get a 500 times multiplier per bet, although this is the maximum.

A bet on multiple numbers
The minimum number of bets is one and the maximum number is five. Have you placed a bet one of the lucky numbers? Then you’re the lucky winner of 50 to 500 times your bet! Do you like to win a big prize with Lightning Roulette? Then might be worth it to place a bet on multiple numbers, because it means that the multiplier will be higher. Who doesn’t want to have that?

Lower winning odds at Lightning

There is a disadvantage of Lightning Roulette as well. The winning odds are 97.1 percent, which is lower than the 97.3 percent of standard Roulette. On the other hand you have amazing winning odds, a lot of excitement, multipliers and lucky numbers. These are just one of the many advantages of these game. The so-called Lightning Strikes should be mentioned as well. It means that a player wins when a Roulette ball lands on the numbers you’ve placed a bet on.

Random Number Generator and the Lightning Strikes

The Random Number Generator and the Lightning Strikes make this Roulette version complex indeed. But no one can say it’s rigged, because the RNG of a game is always checked rigorously before a permit is given. This task is done by the NMi, which testes and certificates casino equipment. The specialists of this company also control if a game works as it should be. The NMi is recognized by supervisors like the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority. Lightning Roulette only gets a ‘stamp’ from the NMi when all the tests are done. This is a very important requirement from the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority.  So don’t worry when you play Lightning Roulette. All the tests and permits make sure that you enjoy a safe game with random numbers and a pay-out percentage of 97.1 percent.


It’s interesting to take a look at the pay-outs when you’ve placed a bet on a plain or straight bet. In a standard Roulette game you win 35 times your bet when this happens. However, during Lightning Roulette you win 30 times your bet. Although this is a bit lower, you do have six chances for every game. Remember that the Roulette ball can land on your number ánd that lightning can struck on the exact number you’ve placed a bet on. If you’re really lucky, this multiplies your win with 500 times!  Imagine that you place a bet of 10 euros on a certain number. This means that you’re the lucky winner of 300 euros if the ball ends up on this number. If the lightning strikes on the same number as well, it’s entirely possible to win 5000 euros. How great would that be!

Other bets during Lightning Roulette

Of course you could place a standard Roulette bet on high or low, red or black or odd and even. There are several other bets that are interesting as well. More importantly, the pay-out and lightning strikes can be very high. Use the following pay-out scheme of Lightning Roulette when you’re playing Lighting Roulette:

What kind of bet?How many numbers?Pay-outHow many lightning strikes?
Plain/straight130x50x, 100x, 200x, 300x,400x,500x
Transversale simple/Sixline65x 
Cllonne as Cheval240,5x 
Les voisins/the neighbours56,2x