Paroli roulette strategy

Paroli allows players to continue playing without risking losing all their money. Players can only lose up to the original bet each round; if a player loses, his loss ultimately equals the total bet each turn. In addition, players can only win 20 times in a row before incurring losses. However, if they do not win 20 times in a row, they have already placed 20 starting bets and have already incurred significant losses. Before choosing what a winning streak looks like, consider how long it should be. For example, determine that a streak should last four games before you can reach your goal. Otherwise, you would keep playing and end up with a losing streak each time.

Paroli means “keeping a promise”

The name of the system reveals its function, which is to provide mutual equality to all participants. Paroli is the Latin word for “equal” or “same” and functions in contrast to Martingale. By operating in the opposite direction of how the Martingale system works, the table size limit can be minimized. This is because Martingale often activates its own limits and the table size limit. However, it does offer small profits with minimal losses. This system is better ordered, but you can still lose money with it. It is also easy to understand, making it easy for you to play along. You can even choose to try this system for yourself.

How does the system work?

Gamblers mistakenly believe that playing roulette requires complex strategies and place single bets. This involves betting on black or red; or even or odd. You place a basic bet of $2 on red or black. This is your first bet. Are you successful? When you increase your bet, you increase it up to three times. After that, you always return to your original bet, such as two euro bets. A color often falls several times in a row, which is why it is essential to always return to your original bet. It is common for the same color to fall three times. When you are in a winning frame of mind, double up each time to maximize your winnings. When you are in a losing state of mind, you minimize your losses by playing smaller bets.

The game example of the Paroli system

The Paroli system only works when you bet on bets with 50/50 odds; black or red, even or odd, 1 to 18 and 19 to 36. To clarify this a little further, we give an example of how the system works. Presumably a winning streak of 4 in a row. You lose your first bet, which costs you one unit. Your second bet also fails; it costs you another unit. This repeats for each subsequent turn until you tire of gambling. On the second turn of the new series, you bet two units. Then on the third turn you bet four units and still win. You keep betting units until you lose. You placed two bets of 1 unit during this fourth venture. This gives you a total profit of 14 units after placing 8 successful bets.

Because of its popularity, the Paroli system is considered easy to understand.

Roulette players often use the Paroli system because of its simplicity. This makes it easy for them to navigate the system without calculating how much money to add to their next bet. In addition, some online roulette games already have a built-in double bet button. This makes it even easier to play the game in its entirety. Every time you lose, you return to your original bet. You don’t have to constantly bet on the same hypothesis. Instead, mix up your bets so that playing does not become boring. Play subsequent turns in a sequence that alternates between even or odd colors. Or play red and black once and choose a different color for the next round.