Speed Live roulette

What is speed live roulette? The spins are very quick! Turbocharge your Live Casino play with Speed Roulette! With only 25 seconds between spins, your Live Roulette game just got a whole lot faster.

Sometimesa round of Roulette can take a long time. Waiting for other players or a newround can take minutes. In a standard casino this doesn’t have to be boring.It’s the perfect moment to get a drink or make a chat with another player. However, you don’t have these possibilities in an online casino. This is whySpeed Roulette was invented.

Game explanation Speed Roulette

Players place bets on the playing field before each round. They can bet on single numbers, groups of numbers, colors (red or black), odd or even numbers, etc.

Once all players have placed their bets, the wheel with the numbered boxes and balls spins in the opposite direction.

speeding up results

In speed roulette, the length of time players can place their bets is shortened, speeding up the pace of play. This means that players have less time to place their bets once the ball has fallen on the wheel. The roulette wheel can also spin faster than traditional roulette.

When the wheel stops and the balls land in the numbered boxes, the winning numbers and colors are determined. The player who bets correctly on that number or color wins, while the rest lose their bets.

Payout speed

Payouts are determined based on bets and odds. Depending on the probability of winning, different types of bets have different payout ratios.

No more waiting times with Speed Roulette

Roulette isn’t the quickest game in an (online) casino. It takes time beforethe little ball ends up on a red or black number and usually players get a lotof time to place a bet. Nobody likes a long waiting time in a casino. Luckily a solution now has been found: speedroulette. It’s a quick versionof Roulette. Every 25 seconds a new round starts and there a no breaks betweenthe spins at all. This game is 50 percent faster than standard Roulette. Perfectwhen you don’t have a lot of time or if you’re simply an impatient person!

The invention of Speed Roulette
It took some time to develop Speed Roulette. Some people were afraid that thegame would be prone to cheating. They thought that quicker rounds would makemanipulation easier. Everything takes place so quick, that mistakes or cheatingtricks can be easily overseen. It could also have a negative impact on thewheel. Luckily the manufacturer of Speed Roulette has founded a solution forthis problem. It has developed a wheel with a cylinder that spins very fast,without having any deviations.

Fast roulette

With Speed Roulette you always have fantastic online gambling experience. Iteven feels more exciting than standard Roulette because everything happens soquick. The croupier starts a new game by spinning the wheel and putting the Roulette ball in. He or she does this immediately after the former number has won. Players can only place a bet when the wheel is still spinning. The factthat Speed Roulette is 50 percent faster has a good and a bad side.

Not everyone can handlethe quick course of the game. Speed Roulette works best for players with a lotof experience or those who like to use strategies. This is because of the factthat with Speed Roulette you can win ánd lose in just a few seconds. It wouldbe terrible that as a new player you would lose your money in just a fewseconds. Sometimes it’s just better to more time before you place a bet.

Best places for this quick Roulette version
Perhaps you like to try Speed Roulette. A good choice, especially when you’rean experienced Roulette player and you want to try something new. You shouldtake time to find a good online casino though. Not every online casino deliversthe best quality. Use the following schedule to find a good place for Speed Roulette: