Roulette wheel manipulation with magnets

A Swiss court is currently dealing with a curious case of fraud at the Grand Casino Luzern. In April 2019, four men allegedly swindled the casino out of CHF 30,000 thanks to a film-like plot, the newspaper Zentralplus reported.

The cleverly manipulated roulette wheel

According to the head of the security service, the four men had mechanically manipulated a roulette wheel in the casino. One of the men had “inconspicuously and in a flash” placed transparent black metal discs on the numbers 8, 11, 17, 24 and 29.

Then he left the casino. An hour later, two of his accomplices checked whether the manipulation had been successful. The fourth man’s job was to bet on the right numbers. The metal discs had increased the chance that the roulette ball would stay on the manipulated numbers.