Why is the Kavouras Roulette System so unique?

There are many famous roulette systems, including the decade old Martingale system for new players who have to choose between red and black or even/uneven fiches. You always double your bet if you’ve lost the previous bet. A lesser known Roulette strategy is called the ‘Kavouras Roulette System’. It will surprise you how simple and effective this strategy actually is.

Kavouras Roulette System

The Kavouras Roulette System has been invented by an experienced Roulette player named Kavouras. He has been playing Roulette for years and learnt a lot from his experiences in the casino. A Kavouras bet includes 20 numbers. The interesting thing about is this strategy is that all these numbers have to be scattered around the wheel. This system is all about chaos! The bet selection has to be chaotic as well, to avoid the possibility that the dealer or casino intentionally avoids the sector you are playing in. By creating chaos, you don’t focus on a specific sector. The chaotic bet is also a way to lower the amounts of units you need to make a bet with the numbers during the Roulette game. You use 20 numbers in total. Some of them have a higher bet and some of them a lower bet. The chaos will keep the bet low, but later on it will appear that this strategy has some other advantages as well.

Flexible strategy

Most experienced Roulette players use a strategy. Just a few of them use the Kavouras System, although it’s gaining popularity. This unique strategy has been invented by a professional Roulette player and it is praised by other players a lot.

Only the numbers of the cylinder
The basic rule of the Kavouras System is quite easy actually. A player shouldn’t place a bet on random numbers, but only on the numbers of the cylinder. During the game you use 20 numbers in total. At first this betting strategy looks quite chaotic. On the other hand, it’s definitely an advantage that you don’t bet in a certain sector. It makes it impossible for the croupier to choose a special sector where your chance on gaining profit is small.

You place a bet on a lot of numbers, 20 in total. The interesting thing is that don’t always have the same amount. In some case this could lead to non-profitable numbers when you have a hit. On the other hand, this does minimize your loss if there is a hit. Thanks to the great Kavouras strategy this is not the case. Actually, every win offers a profit! The Kavouras strategy is based on a chaotic and varied betting amount. You place a bet on many numbers, with a lot of hits as a results. According to inventor Kavouras this a very flexible strategy. It also makes the Kavouras System unique. You definitely need to try it out and become familiar with it. It is true that the rules of the Kavouras system can look a bit complicated at first. However, you just need to practice to discover how easy it actually is. For example, you always use the same 20 roulette numbers. This means that the value of the bet is quite constant. Yet you do need to change the amount of bets sometimes. A bit flexibility is needed!

The use of chips
Fiches play an important role in every Roulette strategy, and so is the case with Kavouras. You need to the use the least possible amount of fiches as possible. For example, 8 chips for 20 numbers. Imagine yourself setting at the Roulette table. Place 1 chip on the first four, namely 0,1,2,3. You already win with one hit. Then place two chips on 31/36. You win 4 fiches with one hit. Subsequently you need to place one fiche on 8/11,13/14, 15/18, 17/20 and 27/30. These numbers are known as the ‘chevals’. You win 10 chips when there’s a hit.

Visual example Kavouras

Perhaps this example of a Kavouras bet selection for a single zero roulette game makes it more clear. Sit at the table and imagine that there is 1 unit on 0-1-2-3 (corner, pays 1 unit profit). You also see 2 units on the numbers 31, 32,33,34,35 and 36. Subsequently there is one unit on 5 following splits, namely 8-11, 13,14, 15-18, 17-20 and 27-30. Each split gives a profit of 10 units. You need 8 units in total. As always you play with 20 numbers. The minimum profit is 1 unit and the maximum profit is 10 units. Also take a look at the visual example. If you place a ‘1’ or ‘2’ between the bold numbers:

Some enthusiastic players call the Kavouras System ‘The Holy Grail’. It has probably led to big profits for them! Some people before you tried if it really works. For example, one player used a sample of 37 coups. The total bet was 37×8, so 296 chips in total. The first four chips paid out 36 fiches, and the chevals 180 fiches. There is another part as well, which paid out 72 fiches. So if you count them all together, 288 fiches were paid out and you lost 8 of them. In percentages the loss is 2,70 %, about the same as the house edge of the casino. One of the interesting things about Kavouras is that you can put it in Excel. A player used a sample of 100 coups, and placed it in Excel. The results are interesting:

Random Number Generator (RNG) Bet Pay out Sum of the bet Sum of the pay out Profit Sum of profit

A winning strike doesn’t continue forever
Although the Kavouras Strategy works for some players, you still need a lot of luck. Yes it might help if you read and analyze the game, but you cannot predict winning or losing with any system. A winning strike can’t continue forever. When the Roulette wheel turns, you hope for the best. The hit and run strategy definitely makes Kavouras worth it though, and it’s definitely interesting to learn about this upcoming Roulette strategy.