Why is Auto Roulette a great invention?

New developments in the gambling industry take place every day. The field of online and live Roulette is a good example of that. This is clearly shown by the still growing number of different roulette games that can be found at several online casinos. A relatively new form of online roulette that is slowly but surely gaining popularity: Live Auto Roulette. It has been developed by NetEnt and you can enjoy it at several online casinos.

No croupier at the table

During Live Roulette you can talk with the croupier and your fellow players. Many gamblers see this as a big advantage, since you can ask every question you want. However, some players don’t need the interaction with a croupier. They just want to play this game as much and as fast as possible in one of the many live casinos that emerge on the internet nowadays. For these players, the so-called ‘auto roulette option’ is perfect. You can play when and wherever you want, in a fast way and without a croupier.

Everything automatically

As the name suggests, with Auto Roulette everything goes automatically. As with other forms of Live Roulette you play in a real casino. However, this time the camera is only pointed at the cylinder in which the ball lands on a number. So there’s no croupier on the screen. You choose a table with the bet limit you want to play for, most of the time this is already possible for 50 cents per spin, and then take your seat.

Play more games in a short amount of time
You can just place every bet you want, which is always the case with standard Roulette. However, you don’t have to wait for other players. Instead you get result as soon as possible. Good news, because this allows you to play more games in a much shorter amount of time. So when you think winnings and playing is more important than the atmosphere at the table, Auto Roulette is the perfect choice. You certainly won’t be disappointed!