D’Alembert strategy

Besides having fun and experience some thrill when playing roulette, making some money is very important. For getting the last achieved people should use a system of a kind of strategy. One of these strategies is called the system of D’Alembert. This system works quite easy and does not asks a lot of thinking from the player. The strategy works like this; the player doubles his stake when lost and lowers his stake when he or she wins. On the long-term this strategy will ensure the player a 50/50 chance of winning.

d-alembert roulette strategy

d’Alembert strategy for roulette

The strategy is played by choosing red or black, even or odd, 1-18 or 19-36. For example; a player starts with 5 euro and loses, his next bet will be 10 euro. When the player wins this bet he brings his stake back to 5 euro. Just like the Martingale strategy the strategy will give the player a eventual decent profit against some turns when there will be some losses.

This system is invented in the 18th century by the French mathematician Jean Baptiste le  Rond d’Alembert. The strategy is designed to profite the player as well protecting the player against  Losses. The good thing about this strategy is that a player does not have to be an experienced roulette player to use the strategy.

This strategy is known as one of the safest methods of playing roulette. This is because the strategy takes away huge risks and makes a player play roulette on a pretty safe basis. The key of the strategy
is to lower the bet after a win is made. This sounds strange but this is the way to use the strategy in a profitable way. A lot of players find it hard to ease when they have just made a win. Ye this is very wise to do because he or she then protects his or hers own win.

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