The best winning roulette systems

It is everybody’s desire to get rich real quick with casino roulette on the internet. Isabel Jansen invented a system in which she claims has a 100% winning chance at roulette. In the past year, this women visited the casino twice a week and has not lost for a single night. She seems to have found the way of beating the casino.

Winning from the roulette house

Trying to win from the house is not something completely new and this is, of course, the intend of everybody. There was a time a British engineer, called Joseph Jagger, wonders if all the roulette tables where perfectly balanced. To give answer to this question he sent 6 people to the casino and sked them to write down all the outcomes of the plays. He discovered that some tables had numbers which were drawn more frequently than others, so some numbers were more likely to fall. The man himself decided to visit the casino and started making bets on these ‘’different’’ tables. After three days, the man has won 300,000 dollar! The casino tried to stop the British engineer by changing the roulette tables from place. This was not a success for the casino because the keen man had marked every single table so he could recognize his prize winning tables. Eventually the casino decided to buy new tables which was the end of the success story of the man. The most casino success stories will all end the same, casino wins.

Player banned after roulette system in 1992

Another success story is the story about a man called Piet van Kemenade. In the beginning of the ninety’s this man won over a million at a casino in Madrid. He did this, just like the British engineer, by analysing the outcomes of the roulette wheel. In 1992 the casino banned him from the casino so Mister van Kemenade decided to go to court. The court decided that the ban from the casino was not right and that van Kemenade has not did something wrong, he was simply to clever for the casino which is not a crime. The casino should make sure that the wheels are from good quality and not ban smart players.

On the internet, there are several websites which offer systems to make quick money. Ivy Moon used one of these systems. ‘’ there was just one strategy for Roulette’’ she said. ‘’ you just have to put one coin on red and double the stake while black is shown, you will win sooner or later. This system is called the Martingale and will give the customer a one coin win guarantee. Ivy Moon than started to work with charts and created her own way to beat the casino. Her strategy is as follows; she only plays dozens which can be the first twelve numbers of the table or all triples. If the ball ends up in this dozen, the casino will give away 3 times the bet to the player. The table below shows the system Ivy has developed to beat the casino. On the left side of the table you see the betting amount and on the right side you see the profit of each round.

The total profit from table games in 2011 was 233,5 million Euro. The spokesman of the Dutch Casino does not encourage playing with a system. When some players do, the casino will sent people to them and tell that this is not going to be enough to beat the system of the casino. ‘’ the dangerous things of these systems are that on a short term they look pretty good and profitable, but when looking at a longer perspective this will not be. Casino wins at the end, otherwise there would not be casinos’’.

Beat the roulette casino with good numbers

Time to figure out the proceeds of her method. Let us suppose that she starts to play with thousand euros. What is the probability that she lost her money in the roulette game? That only happens when eleven times in a row does not fall her dozen, otherwise it makes no matter whether there before for using it five dozen times fell not see the fallacies of the gambler. The probability that the ball is not on the good dozen falls is 25/37. The chance that this eleven times in a row happened (25/37) 11 = 0.013. So in just over one percent of the cases she loses her thousand euros. In all other cases they make a profit. The profit is still modest, averaging less than twelve euro. In all, this means that the expected return per game is negative in the long run they will lose on average per game approximately two euros.

The roulette wheel has no deviations and it is impossible to invent a system which is going to beat the casino. But there is a third system which can be negative to the house. This method predicts were the roulette ball will end up. Because of the fact players are able to make the bet after the ball is dropped on the table he or she can predict, by guessing the speed of the ball and the wheel, where the roulette ball will end. When a players bet is at one of the nine numbers of the quarter he or she will receive 36 coins. The profit won by this bet is very high so it does not matter when a single bet was wrong.

The first to use this method successfully were Freek Theunissen and Theo Walsinsky who was the father of information theory. They developed in the early sixties for this purpose the first portable computer, the size of a pack of cigarettes. After testing in the basement of Shannon, they went to Vegas. Their computer gave good predictions so their average gain was 44 percent. But because of practical problems with wires and nagging wives Thorp and Shannon decided not to continue with this method. They published imitating their idea in 1966 and others tried their method. However, it proved difficult for these small computers well to get up and running and the success stories were from.