Cheating techniques and scams

The Real Hustle is definitely a television program you should watch. It’s presented by Paul Wilson and Alexis Conran and often interesting subjects come by. A recent episode was called ‘Roulette Scams’. It told you all about cheating techniques that are used during a game of Roulette. How do people cheat in this casino game?

Warning: cheating during Roulette is not a good idea

The information about Roulette cheating techniques during the episode is interesting, but should not be used during a real game. You should be aware that many casinos know the Roulette cheating techniques that will be discussed soon. Besides that, cameras are used in every corner of the casino. The cameras are called ‘the eye in the skye’ for a reason. So nowadays it’s really hard to be a successful scammer. You should also know that in most casinos players have to register themselves. So even if you manage to cheat, the casino will find you. You could get a large fine or even be sentenced to prison.

Video about cheating techniques
A lot of people think that they’ve found the perfect way to win Roulette. They say: ‘with this strategy I can never loose’. If this was true, casinos had no right to exist anymore. So if someone says this, take it with a grain of salt. You can better believe the famous scientist Albert Einstein. He once said: “No one can win at roulette unless he steals money from the table while the croupier isn’t looking.”So now that you’ve been warned, it’s time for some entertainment: the best cheating techniques during Roulette. You can watch a YouTube video about it over here:

Cheating technique number 1: the Past Posting method

Sometimes cheating can be really easy. You only need to have the nerves do to so. For example, some people manage to win by placing a bet at the very last moment. It means that you pick a number at the moment that the Roulette ball has already landed on it. Of course the dealer doesn’t know what you’ve done. In the episode of The Real Hustle this is called the ‘Past Posting’ method. You can do this in several ways. One way is to place a bet on a split. Imagine that you’ve placed a bet on the number fourteen. However, the ball has landed on number thirteen. These numbers are usually next to each other. You place your hand on the Roulette playing field and ask the dealer in your most friendly way if it’s possible to exchange the money for some chips. When you pull back your hand you secretly put your chips on the number 13 to the 13/14 split. Suddenly you receive your bet seventeen times. This cheating technique works best when there are multiple players at the table. It’s so busy that the dealer doesn’t see what’s happening.

Cheating technique number 2: hide some extra chips

Sometimes cheating is simply hiding something. This Roulette scam is used very often actually. A player has some visible chips in his hand while hiding some other chips under the arm. The scammer is watching the Roulette wheel to find out on which color it will land. Imagine that it ends up on black. At that moment the cheater stretches his arm to place a bet. The dealer will probably react that you’ve placed a bet too late or too early. The player then excuses himself and takes back his arm. During these few seconds the cheater has placed the chip, which was hidden under the arm, on the winning colour. The dealer obviously hasn’t seen anything at all. Meanwhile the scammer wins a lot of money.

Cheating technique number 3: Find a ‘partner in crime’

Most Roulette cheaters commit their ‘crime’ alone. However, in some cases there are more players involved. If you want to use this cheating technique you need to be quick and communicative. First of all, you need to place an early or late bet again. Only place a bet when the ball has already landed on a number! Second, you have to work together with a ‘partner in crime’ to make this scam a success. Your partner gives away his or her chips. When the ball has landed you place your chips on a certain number. Now it’s time to be quick, because at the same time you place the chips of your cheating partner on the winning bet. The dealer will probably say that you need to take back your own chips, but not those from your partner in crime. If the dealer says nothing, you’ve cheated successfully. If that’s something to be proud of is up to you…

Cheating technique number 4: Use a distracting method

There are actually two ways to cheat with someone else. Besides the colour, you could also place a bet on the ‘winning’ number of your partner. Some Roulette scammers try to make a ‘joke’ to distract the dealer. They put their chips on the winning number of the other player and say: ‘do you mind if I put the chips over here?’. The dealer probably doesn’t think that it’s funny at all and asks to take away the chips. Of course you don’t mind because you’ve secretly put the Roulette chips on the number of your partner in crime. He or she wins 35 times the bet and will pay you a part of the winning as well.