Spingo like bingo roulette

Spingo is an unique combination of two very popular casino games brought together. This game is very interesting, exciting and thrilling and is loved by both new casino players as the more experienced. There are some big online casino players on the market and one of them is the Myjackpot Casino. This casino uses the software of microgaming, which is the most used and most reliable software on the market. Microgaming now offers a complete new game called Spingo which brings the best of two worlds together. This game is a combination of roulette and bingo and really easy to play. In this game, there are no difficult strategies or series. The only thing a player has to do is simply making a bet on a colour and a number and that’s it.

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spingo roulette

How does Spingo roulette work?

When opening the game, the first thing that immediately will catch the eye of the player is the casino table. This table really looks like a roulette table but is slightly different. Colours are presented at the table instead of numbers. The colours which are used at this particular table are yellow, red, blue and green. Besides these colours there is a section the casino table with numbers ranging from 1 to 10 and also a section of even and odd. In order to win, players need to choose a colour and a number and that’s it.

The game of Spingo is very exciting to play. In order to win, a player needs to choose the right colour and number. Players who like to play there game of Spingo safe can choose between even or odd. When a player has made its wager, 10 balls will be unleashed were one of these 10 balls will end up at the casino table.

The 3-D layout of the game brings a real new dimension to online casino players. The MyJackpot Casino rewards their new customers with a welcome bonus which is very good. This reliable and well trusted casino gives away 5 Euro free casino cash when registering. Thereby the casino also provides a 100% bonus with a maximum of 250 Euro for a new player’s first deposit.