Player won lottery because she use her father’s old roulette numbers

A Fairfield County woman claimed $50,000 after she used her father’s roulette numbers. The Connecticut Lottery announced that Dana Pniewski of Stratford claimed her prize on Wednesday, November 9. She received a Nintendo Switch for winning.

According to the CT Lottery, a lottery ticket purchased at Stratford Cigar & Smoke Shop in Stratford contained two $2 Powerball tickets. The winning numbers for this drawing were announced on Monday, November 7.

She chose her father’s old roulette numbers for one of her tickets.

After the announcement of 10, 33, 41, 47, 56 and Powerball 10 winning numbers, Pniewski realized she won a prize.

When checking the winning numbers over the phone, a participant matched four numbers instead of two. This led to a $50,000 win in the Connecticut Lottery.

The lottery says Pniewski plans to use the remaining funds for paying off her debt and using the money for investments.