What is the history of world roulette

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The game of Roulette is quite an old game dating back from the 1700s. The history of this popual game starts here in 1700. The word ‘Roulette’ means small wheel. The most believed story about the game is that a French guy called Blaise Pascal.This guy was graduated in risk calculation, maths, and invented the roulette wheel in 1655.

the original wheel of roulette existed for almost two decades until Francois and Louis Blanc got involved. The French also added a “0” to the roulette wheel so that 37 slots in the wheel numbered 0 through 36 to increase the probability House unchanged. This method legends have been told that these two men are in one way or another connected with the devil because if all the numbers in the roulette wheel add up, they equal to “666”. Even at this time was gambling illegal in France, the game still spread through Europe. Francois Blanc actually established the first casino in Monte Carlo. In this regard, is that the game has become known as the “King of playing casino. “

Roulette in US history

It was during the 1800s roulette spread to the US, where a “00” space was added, 38 slots on the wheel to increase house odds even more because US casinos were not happy with the advantage that the player had to make. You may have an American eagle in this place seen as it is sometimes used for the double 0 space.

The roulette game became even more popular when gamblers started studying the results of the wheel. Joseph Jagger, a famous roulette player appointed in 1873, capturing six casino clerks of the results of the wheels at the Monte Carlo casino, Beaux-Arts Casino. He found out that one number was drawn more times than other numbers. He eventually won € 450,000 using this strategy before he was caught by management.

The Greatest Roulette Wins In History

Invented by Blaise Pascal in the 17th century, Roulette has since grown into one of the world’s most popular casino games. From the penny play arcade games popular by the seaside to the high stakes of Las Vegas, this is a game of chance (although some Roulette strategists dispute this) that has engrossed a global audience. Nevertheless, some people do win the game and, in fact, some people win quite a lot too. In tribute to the biggest Roulette stars of the modern era, we took a look at the greatest Roulette wins in history.

One of the most famous Roulette stories is the one of Charles Wells. Back in 1891, our hero was playing Roulette at the world-famous Monte Carlo Casino Resort when, according to legend, he miraculously won 23 out of 30 consecutive spins of the wheel, a winning streak that has never been equaled. Wells, it is claimed, won almost one million francs that night as the casino ran out of cash. Even weirder, Wells didn’t have a squeaky clean reputation and yet the casino found no wrongdoing on his part and the player even returned not too long afterwards where he again won over a million francs. He slipped up eventually however and would later spend eight years in jail before dying in Paris in 1922, surprisingly short of cash.

Betting it all on Red

Back in 2004, Brit Ashley Revell, made the decision to pool his entire savings, as well as the money from selling his house, his car, his watch and all of his clothes, before heading to Las Vegas with one thing on his mind – Roulette! Collectively, Revell had scooped up $135,000 which he then bet in its entirety on red. As breaths were held, the ball spun around the table before resting obligingly in the seventh pocket. As the ball nestled into its red zone, Ashley had doubled his net worth and while this isn’t the biggest win on this list, it is in its own way undeniably huge due to the severity of the wager in comparison to the bettor. Similarly, a decade earlier, in 1994, an English Computer programmer by the name of Chris Boyd decided to fly to Vegas and wager the $220,000 he had amassed over three years. Playing at the Binion’s Horseshoe Club, where a regular betting limit was $100,000, the casino agreed to cover the 00 slot more at home on a European roulette wheel to allow Boyd to make his wager. Make his wager he did, to the tune of $220,000 which he bet on red and won when it eventually settled, once again, in the red-colored seventh slot.

Mike Ashley

Caption: Mike Ashley (left) under fire boss of Newcastle was less thrifty in the casino

While Newcastle United supporters might understandably be pulling their collective hair out over the epic lack of spending from their owner Mike Ashley, it will displease them further still to learn that, far from being a tight spender, in 2008, Ashley wagered a total of £480,000 playing roulette in a Mayfair casino. In the end, Mike Ashley managed to win a total of £1,300,000, the profit from which was £820,000. Now a decade old story, the former owner of the Sports Direct chain played at the casino for just 15 minutes and in that small amount of time made himself almost a million pounds richer after betting on his lucky number 17.

The controversial figure in question won his money thanks to a complex series of bets known as a “complete”. In a complete, players bet on every possible combination of their chosen number, in this case, 17, which is also the number on the back of his Newcastle United shirt that he wears while watching Magpies’ games. Ashley’s complete meant that billionaire bet on the ball landing on the number itself, while also betting on black, betting on the ball landing on odd and betting it would fall on a number between one and 18. In fact, the number 17 is regularly one of the most popular bets in roulette as it sits in the center of the table. These were just some of the greatest roulette wins in history which, as you can see, can allow anyone to win, whether its people who wager their savings or successful billionaires. Either way, it’s a lot of fun for everyone involved.

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