Bonuses and promotions


Live casino bonus

Bonus Abuse and Risk Management

  1. Easier to Abuse: Bonuses on live casino games are more susceptible to bonus abuse strategies, like “bonus hunting,” where players try to turn bonuses into real cash with minimal risk.
  2. Wagering Requirements: Even if a bonus is offered for live casino, the wagering requirements are usually higher compared to slots. This is a risk management tactic used by casinos to make it more challenging for players to convert bonus funds into withdrawable cash.

Operational Costs

  1. Higher Costs: Live casino operations involve more overhead, such as employing live dealers, using real casino equipment, and HD streaming services. These higher costs make it less financially viable for casinos to offer large bonuses for these games.

Player Behavior and Incentives

  1. Target Audience: The typical live casino player may not be as driven by bonuses as slot players. They often seek the authentic casino experience and are willing to play even with fewer or no bonuses.
  2. Other Rewards: Casinos may offer other types of incentives, like loyalty points or exclusive access to special tables, to attract live casino players rather than significant bonuses.

Regulatory Restrictions

  1. Compliance: In some jurisdictions, there may be regulatory constraints around bonuses that can be offered for live casino games, adding another layer of complexity for the operators.

While these are general trends, it’s worth noting that some online casinos do offer more substantial bonuses for live casino games as part of special promotions or VIP packages. Nonetheless, these bonuses are generally the exception rather than the rule.