Bet365 offers a live roulette lottery

Bet365 has recently launched a new promotion. This time the casino is focusing on live roulette games. This promotion requires participants to place a bet on the game in order to enter a special lottery. The prize pool for this lottery consists of two draws with prizes worth $40,000.

The live roulette lottery works in a manner described below.

Bet365 Casino is running a live roulette promotion starting on August 8, 2022 and ending on August 21, 2022. Players must create an account at the casino and then visit the live casino section to participate in the promotion. By betting $10 or more, players can earn a raffle ticket in a roulette game. In addition, players can get multiple tickets by betting more money. The lottery will take place on 15 and 22 August. Participants who do not win a prize will still receive a gold chip worth 1 euro.

The prize money offered for the competition was $100,000.
Bet365 participants must be at least 24 years old. They have the opportunity to win a minimum of 180 prizes from each draw. See below for the prize pool:

$5000 US dollars is equal to 1x 5000 euros.
$2000 is the stated amount of 2000.
$ 1,000 USD (1x) $700 USD (7)