Realise that every spin is a new opportunity at the roulette table

Online you can find many strategies where you have to keep an eye on the fallen numbers or colours. In practice, this is of no use to you. Each spin is a new opportunity and all pockets have an equal chance of receiving the ball. The chance of a particular number or colour falling is therefore the same every turn. There is therefore no point in keeping an eye on the numbers or colours that have already fallen. Even if the ball has fallen on red five times already, there is no certainty that it will fall on black the next time.

Spread your chances

By betting on several pockets at the same time on the roulette table in one turn, you spread your chances and reduce the risk of losing. You can do this, for example, with the Mathoulette strategy. In this strategy you spread your bet over no less than 28 of the 36 numbers. This makes the chance of winning considerably higher. But there are also other ways to spread your risk. Investigate the various possibilities and spread in a way that suits you.

Can a casino secretly change the results of the roulette table?
The online version of roulette is one of the most reliable games in a casino. Its reliability stems from the fact that the wheel’s fate is completely random and uncontrollable by the casino. If a roulette wheel is fraudulent, the ball will land on certain numbers more often than others. This can be detected by players and exploited to make substantial profits against the casino.
A fair roulette wheel benefits the casino in the long run. The use of an engineered roulette wheel is dangerous and unnecessary.