Croupiers embezzled money for 14 years at roulette System in Casino Belgium

Four former croupiers of the Middelkerke casinoin Belgium risk two years’ imprisonment with suspension in the Bruges court for large-scale fraud at the roulette. With the help of ten players, who are also on trial, they would have cleverly embezzled at least 4 million euros over a period of no less than 14 years. Made four million euros profit from fraud in a few years

The public prosecutor of Bruges wants to prosecute fourteen people for cheating in the casino of Middelkerke. Five croupiers are among them. They knocked back about four million euros in a few years’ time.

Five croupiers and some regular customers of the casino of Middelkerke appeared Wednesday morning before the court in Bruges. They are suspected of systematically cheating on the roulette. The investigation has been completed in the meantime. But some lawyers asked for additional investigation by the magistrate. The case was therefore postponed indefinitely on Wednesday morning. But the attitude of the public prosecutor is clear: they want the fourteen suspects before the criminal court.

In 2015, the casino’s top management began to smell trepidation. The number of visitors remained the same, but more and more money was disappearing.