One hit wonder

There are a lot of strategies to play roulette in the casino. One of the less known strategies is the One Hit Wonder method. This system or strategy is not hard to understand and can be used quite easy at a game of roulette. The aim of the strategy is to remember which number has not fallen for quite a long time. When a player has figured out which number this is he or she can start making bets on this number until he or she wins.

For playing this type of strategy, some preparation is needed. The player needs to observe the play for quite a time and has than make the decision which number he or she will choose. One Hit Wonder is a very nice way to play the game of roulette, because the player approaches the game in a theoretical way instead of a game in luck.

How does the One Hit Miracle system work?

In fact, the One Hit Wonder is a fairly simple strategy used in casinos. In this system, you actually pick a number. This is called your lucky number. You don’t scatter over multiple numbers; you bet on that number. The advantage of roulette is the high payout percentage. Let’s say you guessed the number correctly. You can then win back up to 35 times your bet.

In theory, this means you can guess wrong up to 34 times and still break even. In practice, we often see that the player who holds out sometimes walks away victorious from the game after 20 turns. If you win after 20 rounds, you earn another 14 times your bet. A profit that most other systems do not make after 5 rounds.

I am not at all sure that the numbers you choose actually go down. You can bet as long as you want, waiting for it to fall, but sometimes you’re just unlucky.

Make sure you stop playing in time and don’t waste any more money. If the numbers you choose fall within the foreseeable future, you will be lucky and earn 35 times your bet at the roulette table. Perhaps the phrase “one hit wonder” sounds familiar to you. This is probably true, since the term for one-hit wonder tactics comes from the music industry.

There, the term is used for a band, singer or artist who released 1 song, scored very high and dominated the charts.

The artist may have continued making music after this song, but the radio no longer played the song and no widely known song was produced. The phenomenon is therefore called a one-hit show in the music world.

Why is it called this strategy?

You may be wondering why the strategy we are talking about here has this name. It is because the one-hit wonder method focuses on 1 number. When you hit this number, it is called a hit in English.

That’s why it’s called the one-hit wonder strategy. Because you keep betting on that number and waiting for the “miracle” that the number lands right.

Make your number one!
In fact, as the name suggests, the goal is to make your song a hit. The term actually comes from the music industry. Too often we see artists who achieve tremendous success and then never hear from them again. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to end the same way. You can hit a hit first and then keep playing to hit another hit with another song.

what is the one hit wonder strategy?

There is a lot of diversity in opinion about the One Hit Wonder strategy. There are a lot of people who love this way of playing roulette but there is also a significant amount of people who really doesn’t want to play this type of strategy. When a player wins at a single bet, he or she will receive a x36 his stake, this can be a nice win. A win in this strategy asks a lot of patience, sometimes a win will take 30 rounds or more and sometimes a win will be realised even after the 3 round. The quicker the win drops the better for the player. When after 36 rounds the number has not fallen yet, a player is making a loss and a new tactic might come handy.

Why the term One Hit Wonder?

Most of the people will know the term One Hit Wonder from the music industry. There are a lot of bands and performers who have made One Hit Wonder and never ever reached that kind of success. At the One Hit Wonder system, the theory is that every single number can be drawn. It seems logic that in each 36 rounds a single number which is chosen will be drawn. Well this is not totally true because it still will be a gamble but throughout the play, players will notice that this system will provide him or her some more chances of winning at the roulette game.

For getting to know the system a bit more, players should really take a closer look to the explanation and the guidelines of the system/theory. After a player has done that, he or she can practice the game in a free online casino. These free online casinos give players the opportunity to practice in playing the games and make them choose their favourite strategy. At the end of the day, everybody is different and loves different strategies and approaches.