Netent live roulette entertainment

Professional dealers are but one of the things that allow NetEnt to provide players with the life-like and realistic casino experience, wherever they may be. Partaking in NetEnt Live means partaking in a prestigious ensemble where freedom and diversity fosters invention.
NetEnt Live boasts an accessible environment where people with all levels of experience can dive right in. The interface is constructed and planned using the help of actual players in order to make sure that the real casino experience is achieved.
We provide the possibility to present your brand in an innovate and striking manner, right in your own casino atmosphere. Thanks to our exclusive Chroma technology, your HD images are bound to catch attention, providing a unique advantage over your competitors.

Roulette with NetEnt Live

NetEnt has revolutionized roulette in the live casino universe. It has designed a mobile roulette game that includes an accessible interface, prefect streaming capabilities, and audio and video incredibly in sync guaranteeing a flawless casino atmosphere. This game provides the freedom to overlook the felt or video while playing, both in portrait and landscape mode.
There is opportunity to place bets even whilst spinning, same as at real-life casino’s. Experienced players have expressed sincere approval of this feature.

Blackjack with NetEnt Live

Blackjack Live allows the player to embrace this quintessential casino classic, providing breath taking graphics and an inventive user environment.
This thrilling experience provides game data and shows the dealer’s 10 previous hands. These are but two illustrations of how inventive features are able to generate an honest and fun players’ atmosphere. Our casino is one of the best in the live industry thanks to the seamless streaming capabilities, which makes for optimally realistic action and excitement. In order to safeguard seats for players who look for decent game experience, we provide a wide array of limits on numerous tables. Our Blackjack dealers are approachable and suave, and they have received the best possible training.

Common Draw Blackjack with NetEnt live

Live Common Draw Blackjack for desktop computers is a entirely one-of-its-kind experience in the industry. It is possible to have hundreds of people participating, in different currencies, simultaneously. Hence, no participant will be dissatisfied, as the game can provide for an infinite amount of players at any given table.
This accessible game is provided as well as a low limit Blackjack. This allows participants the ideal chance to relish in a game of cards during their wait for an opening at the default seven box Blackjack Live table. A few of the aspects making this version ideally fit the outstanding selection of NetEnt Live games are the personalized branding prospects and the one-of-a-kind design.

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